Surprise Engagement Photoshoot • Katelyn & Jon • preview

Couple photo-shoot 2 years after the Wedding • Patricia is pregnant

Let’s celebrate 3 things today!

1) Patricia & Damien’s 2 year wedding anniversary 2) The birth of their baby boy Leandro 3) Damien’s 30th birthday!

Wow. So many happy things are going on right now! 2 years ago I was the wedding photographer of Patricia and Damien who got married in Chailly en Bière, Seine-Et-Marne, a region in the South East of Paris, France.

We went on a special couple photo shoot to celebrate Patricia’s 8 month pregnancy. She delivered the baby boy on June 16, 2014. Leandro brings so much joy to his family.

Moreover, today Damien turned 30! Happy birthday!

Throughout the years I realized as a photographer and friend we get to witness so may beautiful moments in life. It is a gift and blessing to see families grow bigger.