Lake Superior landscape- Feeling Complete- Simplify. 2015, 2017, Jonathan Charpentier photography.


You know how altogether facebook/ twitter/ wordpress/ and our mother ask us: “what’s on your mind?”
What I have on my mind right now is simple: SIMPLIFY.

I have an addiction. I am a photoholic and I need a cure. Photoholic means: I am addicted to photography. This I can’t seem to control: I go out and take too many photographs. But I want to heal!


I am honestly working on a solution to show more of my photos with you in a relevant and meaningful way. This will benefit everyone: my friends, clients, students, people interested in my photography, or “photography virgins” discovering my work for the very first time— as well as my family and myself— so we have a better quality of life.


Yes, I am a photographyholic and I am working on clarifying the situation. We easily fall in this trap of typical “I can do everything without help” especially since the start of the age of digital photography, where everyone seems to think it is “normal” to be one single person and be— at the same time— the consultant, salesperson, creative director, photographer, coach, make up artist, writer, blogger, copyrighter, photoshop artist, photo-retoucher specialist, musician, wine specialist, publicist, driver, and so on, while at the same time taking care of a family, and the community.


SIMPLIFY. I believe we need to simplify our life. I believe it is vital.


This photographyholic syndrome also shows inside the photographer’s job alone: “I am interested in this, and this, and that”— meaning too many kinds of photography— like corporate portraits/ fashion/ senior portraits/ landscapes/ non-profit events/ weddings/ golf course photography (check out Peter Wong’s website)/ products/ travel photography? And…..


KITTIES! Yes I have an Instagram page only for them! But I cannot resist, I have to share them on facebook with the world to behold! I understand this might be a little bit overwhelming. Especially for friends who make the effort(s) to support us. However their support cannot approve of kitties! Please do not be animals racists! 😉


SO! SOLUTION! We are working on reorganizing my website, my social media accounts, in order to simplify things. And we are getting close to finding the best way to do it.


I have been very busy lately with— I guess— too many things but these many things make my life interesting so I have to remember this too and be grateful. I am lucky to be a photographer. But It is not because modern world has decided I have to do only one thing that I necessarily have to do what I am supposed to do.


We can find a compromise, not for everyone’s approval, but for everyone’s sake.


I am happy because more people come to me to tell their story. Simplifying things will allow me to make deliveries faster, and to share more, with clarity, and quality. I hope in this process you will be patient and hang out with me. All the best for this beautiful week <3


Yours truly, sincerely, artistically,

_Peace in our Heart_ Portrait of young girl Roxie_ she drew a cat and a dog together on a blackboard with chalk, below the inscriptions "peace in our heart". author Jonathan Charpentier photography_ Church_ Lifestyle_ Community


Peace in our Heart. Lifestyle Portrait of Roxie at Church. 2017, Jonathan Charpentier photography.

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