Lake SuperioPicture of Superior lake, Minnesota. This is a black and white sepiatone photograph. Very pure and simple. We see only ripples of water and the horizon line is in the middle of the image. We see nothing more. Just the water, the horizon line, and the sky. Title is: Feeling Complete- Simplify


Simplify. You know how altogether facebook/ twitter/ wordpress/ and our mother ask us: “what’s on your mind?” What I have on my mind right now is simple: SIMPLIFY….


A – Portrait package Portraits / headshots Delivery of a preselected number of photos B – Business foundation package Portraits / headshots / group photos Interior / Exterior…

Letter H with mirror cats

Let’s have fun with Halloween ART!

Happy Halloween dear friends! All original photographs taken in Minnesota, USA (Minneapolis, Saint Paul, Banning State Park, Sandstone), and Paris, France. Featuring Luna our crazy 5 month old kitty…

Surprise Engagement Photoshoot • Katelyn & Jon • preview

Go to Chicago

All of the photos here are shot in natural light, with no retouching. I went chaperoning with my wife for my step-son’s 8th grade trip to Chicago. During…